Proof of funds letters are frequently required by real estate agents before they agree to submit any offers to sellers. Many times, proof of funds letters are required with a purchase offer contract in real estate transactions. Get yours with us for only $9.99!


Proof of funds letters are not available online for investment properties located in Arizona, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, or Vermont. They are also not available online for more than $500,000. If you enter an amount exceeding $500,000, it will be reduced to $500,000. Proof of funds letters for a single loan collateralized by more than a single property are also not available online. Some information required to complete a proof of funds letter includes:

Business or Entity Name (Funding Not Available for Individuals)
Investment Property’s Full Address
The Expected Loan Amount
Beautiful HouseKeys

Results Capital Funding provides funds to investors for the purchase of non-owner-occupied residential property (investment property with four units or less) and commercial property (through partners) in most states. We are not responsible for the misuse of our proof of funds letters in any way, nor will refunds be granted for typographical errors, other inaccuracies, or for failing to comply with the notices above. A proof of funds letter in no way obligates Results Capital Funding to you in any way.

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